Think you know everything about how to make a cup of tea? Think again. Try these helpful tips and your tea experience will be even better!

Tea Tips

Tea is an infusion. An infusion is made by pouring hot water over the tea or herb and then letting it steep. Bring water to a rolling boil. Begin with cold water, it comes from the pipes that lead to our homes. Hot water comes from your water heater and can have metallic flavors or buildup.  Water high in chlorine can seriously affect the flavor of tea so use filtered whenever possible.

Tea bags infuse quickly because they generally contain a smaller cut of tea. Avoid over-brewing tea bags, as bitterness sets in quickly. Leaf Teas can be made in the cup, using a tea infuser or tea “ball.” One rounded teaspoon per cup is the standard. In a teapot, there is more room for the leaf teas to expand completely in the water. This allows for the full flavor to develop. After brewing in the pot, the leaves may be strained before serving, or a use tea filter sack for easy removal.

Three to five minutes is the normal time for brewing tea. Herbal teas should go the full five minutes, but strong black teas are better if brewed closer to the three minutes.

For reference when buying loose tea note, a ½ pound of tea will make about two hundred cups. Store loose tea or tea bags in an airtight container away from light. Keep tea dry and never freeze or refrigerate. Tea has a long shelf life if kept under these conditions.

Tea Varieties: Did you know?

The basic tea plant is processed in different ways to produce the 3 main tea varieties: green, oolong and black.

There are of course many varieties of tea depending on soil, locality, age of leaf, manufacturing processes, grading, blending and the addition of blossoms, zests or spices. Green tea is dried immediately after plucking. Black tea is allowed to ferment before further processing. Oolong tea is a semi-fermented leaf.

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