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How We Got Started

-From our owner, Bob Theobald-

Sugar Grove Growers is a family run business founded in 1979 by my parents Bill and Ellyn. They moved to the country to sink their hands in to the dirt.

We have grown from a roadside produce cart and a lean-to greenhouse to a specialty food store, 12,600 sq. ft. of greenhouse and 25 acres of farm ground.


While the dream has grown larger, we’re still in touch enough to care about the little things. Growing naturally both in our greenhouses and in the field is very important.

Our retail store is stocked with produce, spices, candies, and specialty food items that we love and use at our home too. When our customers have a question whether it be how to use a spice in tonight’s dinner or what flower to plant where, we relish the opportunity to help!

 We’re also growing our wholesale business for our locally grown plants and produce. For more information, pease call 636-528-8936 and ask for Bob or Alana. 

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