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Farm Information

Our farm located in Troy, MO gives us the opportunity to provide our community with locally grown plants and seasonal fresh vegetables. We take the time to try out new products before they make their way to your garden or table.

Greenhouse Growing

Our greenhouse season starts in our germination room early January. We grow many plants from seed; good things take time. Our customers come back to us year after year due to the quality and affordability of our plants.

Our soil blend starts with quality peat moss to which we add natural amendments plus a time release fertilizer.

Many growers use growth hormone regulators on their plants to keep them small and manageable while in their care. This practice generally favors the grower, not the gardener. The hormones take time to wear off resulting in slow or virtually non-growing plants.

Our plants are never sprayed with hormones. This means when you plant a Sugar Grove plant, it will perform as nature intended!

Farming The Land

-From our owner, Bob Theobald-

My dad told me many times that the principle reason they bought our plot of land was the bottom 20 acres. It is flat and sandy well drained soil starkly black and rich compared to the clay filled hilly upper ground. This ground makes vegetable growing easy, allowing us to provide an abundance of locally grown produce in the summer months!

Of course the fan favorite is are our multiple varieties of tomatoes, but you will also find many other produce items we grow in the store like peppers, eggplant, herbs, pumpkins and squash varieties.

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